Our Sponsors

A million thanks to these organizations for their financial sponsorship of Hope Renovations.

Without them, our work wouldn't be possible!

Our Program Partners

Many thanks to these organizations for their partnership in helpingĀ us achieve our mission!

Founding Partners

We are truly grateful to our donors for their generosity in "kick starting" Hope Renovations through their generous gifts!

  • Heather Altman and James Shortridge
  • Carol Badgett
  • Carl Baumann
  • Alicia Brown
  • Sarah Byars
  • Doug Dyer
  • Barbara El-Khouri
  • Catherine El-Khouri
  • George El-Khouri
  • Mariam El-Khouri
  • Maron and Amy El-Khouri
  • Marsha El-Khouri Shiver
  • Heather Fjord
  • Donald and Barbara Hoffman
  • Antoine Khoury
  • Ray King
  • Beth Lowder and Susan Hardison
  • David and Bunny Moff
  • Allison Schad and Rremida Shkoza
  • Jeryl Stoltz

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