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For Sale: Doghouses Built by Hope

The ultimate doghouses built like real homes, crafted by Hope trainees!

This doghouse is built to last – and you'll be helping a great cause with your purchase!

The floor system is built with 2" x 4" pressure treated ground contact lumber with a matching platform measuring 40 1/2" x 65 1/2". The walls are framed with 2' x 4" lumber. The siding is Boral TruExterior shiplapped and factory primed. The roof trusses were built on site from 2 x 4 lumber with gusset plates. The house itself measures 43" x 45 1/2". The roofing material is black rolled roofing. The door opening is 13 1/4" x 19 1/4" and the two windows are 10 1/2" x 6 3/4". There is a channel that will accept plexiglass for cold weather and can be open for ventilation during the warm season. The deck section measures 21 3/4" x 41". There are two currently left for purchase!

*Buyer will be responsible for transporting doghouse after purchase

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