Trades Training

If you are a woman living in Orange County, North Carolina who is unemployed or underemployed, you can apply for our trades training program! The program is FREE to trainees.

Contact us to learn more about eligibility or to apply. 

Our 12-week program will teach you the core skills you need to confidently enter the trades. 


You will learn about things like:

  • Safety & First Aid

  • Construction Math

  • Tools & Construction Materials

  • Basic Carpentry skills

  • Basic Electrical skills

  • Basic Plumbing skills

  • Basic Landscaping skills

  • Basic Painting & Finishing skills


In addition, we offer employment skills training to help you set yourself apart from the crowd, including:

  • Time Management

  • Teamwork and Conflict Resolution

  • Problem Solving


Our full training curriculum is currently in development - check back soon for updates!

Learn the Skills

Many unemployed and underemployed women deal with life challenges that can get in the way of pursuing a good career. 


We will help women navigate these challenges by connecting them with resources they might need, from financial and family assistance to mental health counseling.


We also plan to set our trainees up for success by offering training that deals specifically with:

  • Personal Financial Management

  • Health & Wellness

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Harassment


In addition, our program will include a peer-support network that is a tried-and-true way to ensure success in women's pre-apprenticeship training programs like ours.

Get the Support

The first step to building a great career is landing a great job. At the end of training, we want our trainees to either:

  1. Get hired by a local construction trades employer

  2. Continue your education in whatever trade you're most excited about


We will help you get there by offering:

  • Networking opportunities with employers and tradespeople

  • Connections to community colleges to learn more about programs and resources

  • Resume building  and interviewing skills training

  • One-on-one career counseling

Land the Job

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