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Career Catalyst Internships

Hope Renovations is proud to offer this 6-week internship opportunity

to its graduates and employer partners!


For Employers

Why Hire Hope Grads

Hope Grads have completed a rigorous 9-week construction basics training program including OSHA10 and on-the-job learning.


How It Works

Employers submit an application and job description, and then interview potential interns. Employers and interns will be matched based on the top choices of each. Interns work for 40 hours per week during set cohort sessions. Interns are paid $18 per hour.


Benefits to Employers

Employers receive applicants who are motivated to learn and launch careers in this industry. Hope Renovations reimburses employers $5 per hour for the internship duration.


For Hope Grads

Career Catalyst Internships are 6-week long internships with local companies exclusively for Hope Grads. Interns are paid $18 per hour for 40 hours per week of work.


This is an amazing opportunity to get your boots muddy and try out some new skills! Many of these companies will be offering opportunities for permanent employment after the internship ends.


Upcoming Cohort

August 12 - September 20

View internship opportunities here.

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