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Why the Trades?

What do the trades have to offer me?

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  • The trades offer opportunities to grow in your career and even potentially own your own business

  • The construction industry is fast-growing and offers women the opportunity to earn and gain access to a living wage right away 

    • The current median wage in the US is $18 per hour ​

  • Jobs in the trades allow for a lot of benefits that are selling points for many individuals, including:

    • You get to work with your hands ​

    • Some jobs allow you to be creative with your work 

    • Most jobs allow you to work outside, and mobility has been a benefit a lot of trades workers enjoy 

  • You get the satisfaction of see the final product of your work 

  • For most, trades education can be done while acquiring minimal or no debt 

  • This industry has the lowest gender wage gap in the US  



of workers in the US construction trade are women


of construction trade workers in NC are women- the same since the 1970s


is the amount of a man's dollar that women earn in the trades- the smallest gender wage gap in the US


of the top 100 contracting companies in the US have women in executive roles 


is the projected growth in employment that the construction trade will experience in the next 10 years

Hear from some alumnae!


Meet Emily!


“The trades training program at Hope Renovations was fundamental towards starting my career in construction. I felt confident in the knowledge I received and supported in the sisterhood that reinforced my every move.”


Meet Yesenia!

Electrical Apprentice

 “Before coming to Hope Renovations, I was a little scared and had lots of doubts because I grew up thinking that women didn’t belong in the trades. Hope Renovations helped me come to realize that the trades is where I belong and where I want to be.”


Meet Martrisha


“I am so grateful for the opportunity to train with Hope Renovations! I gained carpentry skills, team building skills, a basic understanding of how various trades work, and the confidence I needed to become a tradeswoman and entrepreneur.”

Think the Trades are for You?

Learn about our free 10-week Women's Trades Training Program here!

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