We envision a world where women can support their families, and seniors can stay in their homes their whole lives


The majority of low-wage jobs in our community are filled by women.  And in the construction trades, a high-earning field that is booming right now as employers struggle to find qualified workers, jobs are almost exclusively filled by men.  


At the same time, there are more older adults in our community than ever before who want to stay in their own homes but need repairs and renovations in order to do so.  Yet they struggle to find honest, dependable contractors who have the time to take care of these jobs.


It's time to bring these two groups together for some real, lasting change.

Our Mission

At Hope Renovations, we inspire hope in women and older adults for a joyful and fulfilling future.  We do this by teaching women the skills they need to earn living-wage careers in the construction trades, and by providing hands-on training through our repair and renovation work for older adults who wish to safely and comfortably age-in-place in their own homes.