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Thursday, September 22nd
Hickory Tavern
Carrboro, NC

Please RSVP Here

Hope Renovations' Mentor Program supports alumni of our Trades Training Program


The Mentor Program is a space for Hope Grads & mentors to explore goals, strengths, career journeys, and leadership together. This 10-month program includes group networking events and paired mentor/mentee relationships.


Mentees are graduates of the Trades Training Program who are looking to gain knowledge, wisdom, and advice as they enter into a career in the trades.


Mentors are tradespeople and business leaders who are passionate about supporting women and gender minorities in the trades.


Mentee and mentors are matched based on profiles they create about themselves including career paths, strengths, goals, and interests.


Program participation includes:

  • 3 all-cohort networking events with guest speakers on topics such as goal-setting and identifying personal strengths

  • 4-6 individual meetings between mentor and mentee scheduled at their convenience

  • Pre-program, mid-program, and post-program surveys to gather participant feedback

The Fall 2022 Cohort will launch in September 2022 and end in June 2023.


We hope you'll join us!


Click the link below for your respective registration!


Mentees are recent graduates

of the Trades Training Program

The registration deadline for mentees is May 31, 2022

Mentors are tradespeople and business leaders in the community

The registration deadline for mentors is June 30, 2022

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